covid-19 and Fall 2020

As we look towards restarting our in person Wednesday night Youth Group here are some precautions we are taking. 

  • Attendance will be taken as students arrive, and temperatures will be marked. Anyone with a temperature of over 100F will be double checked and asked to go home if they do have a fever.
  • We will adhere to the city’s recommendations and not have “pods” of more than 15 people at a time.
  • As the weather allows, we are going to do as much of our regular activities outdoors as possible.
  • Masks will be strongly encouraged during small group and discussion time, especially if someone is uncomfortable being around other who are unmasked.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in the youth basement as well as throughout the church and outside.
  • Games will be played with the goal of keeping a physical distance and caring for each other.

Coughs and sneezes are a part of life, but if your student is feeling sick or unwell we’re asking that you keep them home for the week. 


Our Youth program is called “Kainos Student Ministries” and it comes from the Greek word kainos which means “new.” There are actually two words for new in the Greek, but kainos stressed something new that was transformative; it was brand new and unlike whatever was before. We can look at the New Testament and see that it almost always uses kainos to describe what Jesus does. In Mark 1:27 we see an early look at Jesus teaching and He commanded an unclean spirit to leave a man and the other teachers in the Synagogue asked what is this new teaching? What is this kainos teaching that Jesus has? 2 Corinthians 5:17 says, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” When Jesus comes into a person’s life he makes their life new. Jesus changes and transforms hearts and minds and that is our goal for Kainos Student Ministries.

We meet Wednesday Night’s at 6:30PM during the school year and we have lots of activities during the summer! Contact the church office for details.

At the end of the day, we exist to glorify God, and out mission at Kainos is to teach and show youth their value as a new creation in Jesus Christ. 

Middle school and High School

Sunday School

Our Sunday School begins at 9:30 A.M. and meets in the West Basement. We are currently studying Psalm 119 with a video series by Matt Chandler. 

This Sunday school class is for all students in 6th to 12th grade.

Middle School and High school

Youth Group

Wednesday nights we have youth group from 6:30 to 8:00 in the West Basement! It's a great time with lessons that foster discussion about relevant topics and what it means for our faith. 

During the summers we still meet on a regular basis, but not a church! Keep an eye on social media and check the calendars for details!

Social Media

We'd love to connect with you on social media! 

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Not on social media and want to stay in the know? 

No problem. Just send an email to Jonathan at email